Update and Plans for the Future

Update and changes

This game now has a fully functioning element type-based battle system. Composing of Metal, Darkness, and synthetic types. Use certain moves, items, and weapons to maximise your destructive potential.

What will you learn?

This game also has a fully functioning quiz battle system that tests the types of the periodic table, the elements abbreviations, and a bonus quiz for testing the abbreviations that do not contain the letters of the element. There is also a quiz machine on the top floor of the mall.

This will consolidate your learning.

Additionally, you can synthesise compounds using elements in their correct molecular structure.

There are also abilities based on chemistry concepts and questing missions on Haber Bosch and Madam Curie.

For example, you can form citric acid to heal and hydrofluoric acid to attack metal types. And you can synthesise adrenalin using the established molecular structure.

In this game you will learn some chemistry concepts and develop/deepen your knowledge of the periodic table. Perfect for light-hearted study and/or just hack and slash your way to victory.

Future Plans


To increase the current 100 common compounds to 200 common compounds and create more gathering and synthesis quests pertaining to that.

To create an atomic number quiz for a machine not a quiz battle as it would be too difficult.

To develop bonus quests: using chemistry concepts.

Game Duration and Thanks

Thanks and I hope you enjoy this game the play time is infinite although completion time is around several hours.


Chaos and the Periodic Table MAC (3).zip 521 MB
Sep 08, 2020
Chaos and the Periodic Table WINDOWS (2).zip 385 MB
Sep 08, 2020
Chaos and the Periodic Table LINUX.zip 428 MB
Sep 08, 2020

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