Japanese Furigana Adventure -Hiragana & Katakana & 30+ Kanji

What is the game about

This game is an early access of a game that teaches kanji using furigana.

This game currently teaches you the furigana.

That is, it teaches you Hiragana and katakana.

Using the English alphabet, you can battle your way through the game decoding the Japanese Kana.

There is currently an endless dungeon that allows you to practice Hiragana and Katakana until you get it perfect.

So, that future updates can then be handled with ease.

So, that you have mastered furigana.

What is new?

There is now a Kanji endless dungeon.

Using furigana and English translations decode the Kanji and battle your way to victory.

This game now boasts the complete set of furigana and 32+ Kanji...

So, join Hannah in her adventure through the land and learn Kana and Kanji.

This game is intended as a bridge from Romaji Adventure to Kana Adventure. 

Although, can be played seperately...

See link for Japanese Kana Adventure https://jbo.itch.io/japanese-kana-adventure


Japanese Furigana Adventure Mac (Early Access) 1.1.zip 263 MB
Apr 15, 2020
Japanese Furigana Adventure Windows (Early Access) 1.1.zip 130 MB
Apr 15, 2020

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