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Prince Arthur and the Monsters of Albion is an adventure through the lands of post Roman Britain.

Following the end of the Roman Empire in Britain, the historical record was sparse. One of the few things that came out of that period were records of upheaval, war and chaos. Amongst these records is the legend of the Once and Future King, King Arthur, wielding the Sword of Kings Excalibur. Alleged to be a grandson of the Roman Emperor Constantine, he fought the Saxon invaders and united the land of Britain, once more, into a single entity called Albion.

Plot of Prince Arthur and the Monsters of Albion

It is up to you as the heir of Albion to restore your Father to the throne of High King and give balance and order to the Land, to prevent the Dark Queen Nimue consuming it with magic. She believes the re emergence of the mythical Red Dragon Cymru will usher in a new age where the Witches of Avalon will once more reign supreme.

To undertake this challenge, you must become proficient handling the monsters wielding your summoning ring.

Crevasse the lands through forests of wolves, druids’ iconic mountains and coastlines retrieving monsters and advancing in summoner knowledge. Until you become strong enough to claim the Sleeping Sword to tame the Red Dragon and put an end to Nimue's plans once and for all.

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Writing Points

Libraries specifying the history of that region.


Profile of monsters, including inspiration for them and their real life counterparts in nature.


Made as a demo prototype for the VimJam: Collectibles and the TWOT Game Jam organised by Angel Star Studios.

Prince Arthur: Monsters of Albion features:

  • Collect, choose between and battle monsters.

  • Forage and Fish for Aquatic Items.

  • Heal on the upper floor of the Healing house.

  • Craft a variety of items ranging from Orbs, Potions and Incense.

  • Mend your gear.

  • Complete quests, puzzles and liberate forts.

  • Use the Wiccans portal to easily move between regions.

And have fun!

A collaboration project by Jason Bowen and Oliver Chappell.

With thanks to :

The writers of tomorrow




Download demo

Prince Arthur Monsters of Albion Apple Demo 1.6.zip 601 MB
Prince Arthur Monsters of Albion Linux Demo 1.6.zip 475 MB
Prince Arthur Monsters of Albion Windows Demo 1.6.zip 466 MB
Prince Arthur Monsters of Albion Web Browser Demo1.6.zip 471 MB

Development log


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you traveled me back to my childhood with this!
(1 edit)

Thank you for doing it, great watch 😁.

(1 edit)

The writing and profiles were great. ;)
but, the game play, and sound usage was a little off.

Thanks I recently found the sound usage did not update when changed going to put a new version up later tonight.
In regards to the gameplay we tried to make it accessible but I think it needs a quest journal and the first few battles are terribly difficult but we couldn't balance it any other way.
The balancing of the minions was very difficult.
And at certain times without visiting the health centres or crafting elixirs I can imagine that it would be difficult to use the moves. Thinking making a player guide for the game would be good in terms of the game play.
What are your thoughts on this and thank you for playing it means a lot.

(1 edit)

The sound usage was changed. In addition the game play has seen a dramatic change. Thank you again for your feedback!

We took your advice on board and the game has changed a lot now. We would be grateful if you could play it again and let us know what you think to the changes. We have added soundtracks, changed the battling, added dozens more moves. Deviated the types to include various elements, moves as well as sub categorising the beasts based on what they eat (carnivore, herbivore and omnivore) and using the moves to reflect this. We have also added several explainers which should help you understand what we hope to achieve in game.

Thanks again for playing it the first time, your advice was very welcome.