Demo Release - PA *Players Wanted*

We came up with the concept of the game to enter a game development competition last year. The prize was a game deal. The rules of this competition involved developmental collaboration to create a demo within 10 days. After winning this competition, we decided to break with the publisher for a variety of reasons and pursue the development slowly, to help us combat loneliness in the pandemic. After about one year of dealing with real life issues and correcting the demo, we are ready to release the demo. We wanted the game to be a cross between Pokémon and Final Fantasy, whilst also incorporating history and mythology. For this reason we chose the legend of Prince Arthur and the Dark Ages as this felt the best period to produce a game along these lines.(edited)

We decided to approach an artist friend of ours, Kazuki, to work on the creature art as a way of providing a unique feel to our game as well as standardizing the creature art style throughout the game.


Prince Arthur Monsters of Albion Demo 509 MB
Apr 19, 2021
Prince Arthur Monsters of Albion Demo 602 MB
Apr 19, 2021
Prince Arthur Monsters of Albion Demo 465 MB
Apr 19, 2021

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