Update 1.5

Apologies for the constant updating. Just spent around 10 hours checking for any more errors and I think we have the final gameplay demo version. 1.6 will be the final artwork version but it may take a least 2 months to formulate the artwork for this, obviously due to the setback of our previous artist wanting to work on his own project. If you find any errors in the demo please let me know. According to some feedback we received I have made some changes these are the major ones:

1. Left a breadcrumb trail with NPC's on how to complete the Hereswan obtainable quest in the town of Swanvale. It should now be possible to get the type 2 water elemental before the third town in Wolfsdale, if you speak to every character you should be able to piece together enough clues to work out where to look for Hereswan, in attempt to get a golden feather - which is a creature drop obtainable after winning in battle or using Skellybobs unique move Raid the Crypt. Having just completed the demo again myself with Hereswan in my team I can assure you it is worth it!

 I added more creature drops, so every creature in the demo at least drops something. The other major change is the withdrawal of the armour item, Pendant III, from the demo and the moving of Pendant II from Wolfsdale to outside Eryri Mountain (Snowdonia - Conwy side). This, from feedback, increased the power of the creatures too much and made the demo too easy.

Most of the minor changes surround standardisation of speech, error checking in quests, error checking in moves, items and skills. We have had several systems of "obtained item" throughout the versions of the demo, due largely to the rush to meet deadline for the competition we originally entered. These now should all be standardised to "You obtained" (although I may have missed a few).

Sorry to those who downloaded yesterday for updating the game file so quickly. I assure you, barring any major errors, this will be the last file for a month or two. Now we have a fully standardised eventing, mapping, crafting and speech system we are powering ahead with a tremendous amount of speed. We have almost completed the second region out of six (Rheged/modern day Lancashire) in 3 weeks and will in a few days be moving on to the third region (Alba/modern day Scotland). We plan some very interesting developments for Alba, which will largely be an almost entirely outdoor region and be a mission of survivalism in terms of crafting, healing and battling. The fort system will be undergoing some changes for Alba to reflect the landscape and level of urbanisation in Scotland at this point in history.

We are also looking at potentially bringing the full game to Android phones via the Google play store.

We hope you are looking forward to the main game.


Prince Arthur: Monsters of Albion Windows Demo 1.5.zip 464 MB
May 15, 2021
Prince Arthur: Monsters of Albion Apple Demo 1.5.zip 599 MB
May 15, 2021
Prince Arthur: Monsters of Albion Linux Demo 1.5.zip 473 MB
May 15, 2021

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