New romance characters on their way and demo

It takes a lot of effort to implement social systems. Nonetheless, there are going to be two new romance characters very soon.

Secondly the game is getting ever closer to a complete alpha which will have an infinite play time. Yeah you read that right.

The game is completed at the point of earning 100 000 gold and securing all the businesses but it will be possible to play beyond that. 

There was an issue with one of the forage items and that is now fixed. 

I will keep working hard to make this farm game project come to fruition.

If, you want to make your own project template please check out my profile and follow the link to the template, there is also a useful guide to using the template.

Have a great day!


Farm Game Demo fix 529 MB
Jun 08, 2021
Farm Game Demo 393 MB
Jun 08, 2021

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