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Bluey's Zoo 

Is part of the wholesome game's project.

You play as Bluey a lady with a passion for animal welfare and you start with 10,000 dollars it is your mission to populate the zoo with a variety of animals and become a millionaire.

The game has some riveting facts and is inspired by the Tomodachi devices and a love for animals and wildlife.

It is a gentle paced game designed to help you relax and explore the animal kingdom through handy NPC's that teach you about the animal kingdom.

To progress the days please rest in your bed in a similar fashion to Harvest Moon.

Happy Gaming folks!


Buy Now$1.49 USD or more

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I must say I love the idea! Will check the game as soon as I come home. Love the games like this :) Wanted to create something similar with the safari...

That is great. Do you use RPG Maker MV ? I am open to working on this project in a collaborative manner.

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Thanks. Right now I'm using MZ, but my first game was made in MV as well. I played a little yesterday and wanted to give you constructive feedback if you want/need: 

1) Sometimes there is a path leading to the edge of the map, but it leads to nowhere, there is no teleport or anything at the end, so maybe place some sign at the end that says "avaible later" or sth like that? It's kind of confusing.

2) Collisions are bad in this game, looks like you didn't even checked the collisions for tileset, because you can go on tables, you can go through walls and fences (animals too, so the frogs escaped from the cage, etc.). 

3) When you try to feed frogs it says "do you want to feed monkeys". 

4) There should be more clear information about what you need to do, I mean there is no information that you need to go to bed to end the day, and you can walk around the zoo all the time without knowing that - there should be a little tutorial I think.

5) It's another game where you always have a dog with you :) I also like dogs, but...come on, maybe make it like you can take a dog with you or you can leave it home if you like. 

6) I would add a on-screen gold window. Also would be nice to know how many days passed.

7) It's a zoo, so maybe put some random NPC wandering around with random movement, to make it like they're visiting zoo.

If you need any help with above, feel free!

Thank you, ever so much for the feedback. I think it needs a lot of work and so I made it free for now. I am currently working on another game which I am trying to get perfect and to push the boundaries of what I can do with this software. The Zoo game is something I am going to revisit in the near future. We could add on discord if you like; it is always good to network, and your feedback is really good.