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The Chronicles of Ogresfield is an adventure through a realm with magic set in the real world. 

You start in a magical enclave and attend Thornsville academy. A prestigious academy known for producing some of the greatest casters that the kingdom has ever seen.

You progress and graduate after a gruesome plot unfolds and move to the city of Ogresfield. 

In the city of Ogresfield some people are aware of magic and some are not it is a modern city with a lot to offer to the willing student.

What is important and special about Ogresfield is that no matter your creed of cast you are treated as an equal. And, so, there are dark forces that target such harmony.

At a time when the circles of magic want to reveal themselves to the humans it is contentious to the goal of a smooth surfacing of the magic peoples into the consciousness of human society.

The inspiration for this RPGMaker game comes from the following story podcast

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GenreRole Playing
TagsDark Fantasy, Fantasy, JRPG, Magical Realism, Roguelike, RPG Maker


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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Hi Jbo :)

I finished the game earlier today, I did struggle a bit at times to find my way but that is ok.

The main protagonist is kind of being bullied and forced to change school but in the end people reckon  they are good after the last dungeon.

So...what's the difference between original game and the Tarot Pack one?

'cause the archives' size are the same.

The difference is you can customize the weapons and armour with augments.

To obtain the augments you get a tarot reading and a rune reading. The tarot cards are based on the real Arcana tarot cards with a brief description.

The Runes are also based on the name of Freya in the ancient nordic language and they also have a brief description helping you to get a reading of your destiny.

The item augments also speed up battle when you utilize their synergy.

Thanks for asking I appreciate your interest.
These updates came out of some interesting feedback from a player.

If you have any suggestions please let me know.

Thank you for taking the time to comment I really appreciate that.

Happy Halloween!

The game does not want to be linked to the account

That is intentional. After the sale, you cannot download it. I hope you understand. I spent a long time making this game. I am offering it for free for people to play in October as it is Halloween.

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it's a pity, okay :|

If you enjoy the game I will send you a key and you can have the game as an owned item to download whenever you want :)

Deleted 358 days ago
Deleted 358 days ago

can i have the key

sure, do you have discord?

minus that you can not enter full screen mode

Yeah, the trouble is the tool i used to make the game is outdated so if I enable screen size changes it can make it difficult to work on everyone's pc.