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Ever wanted to make your own farm game with RPGMaker MV but the endless eventing seemed too much or the available plugins too troublesome.

Well now you can with minimal effort.

This ready to go click and play system is a product of over 90 hours of work and research to utilize the events system to make a farming template.

The concept of the Farming system is that you have a sleep system that events a new day that progresses the plants alongside naturally watering them.

There are 4 seasons with winter being arid.

In the 3 seasons you can plant there are 5 crop choices respectively.

These 5 crop choices are already selected and set up using the default engine assets but are fully customizable . In a simple intuitive way.

The seasons are 28 days long with a rolling day system consisting of 4 weeks each labelled through Monday to Sunday.

The game lasts for up to 20 years but can easily be made into an eternal game.

Plug ins 

It requires one plug in belonging to the yanfly set. It is the event morpher. Simply type 3,5,7 and 12 into the plugin and the system works. naturally making a system like this where you can plant at will where you want across a field of 40 plots requires at least one plug in. This plugin can be purchased from yanfly along with others for a considerably good price. If, you already have or are familiar with the yanfly plugins you will know they are very reliable.

In conclusion

This template was built with a dream to enable people to make farming games via RPGMaker MV with the usage of one plugin with a simple input. This goal is done.
So, if you are keen to make a farming game for commercial reasons or just for fun this is a good way to do so. Simply credit JBo in the credits for template design and do as you wish.

Create your Farm story today for a bargain price.

Join our Discord and share your projects and receive ongoing support with anything relating to your project or even just for RPGMaker MV know how.

This is not something you can add to an existing game it is a template for a new project.


Finally why rpgmaker MV ??? And not MZ simply it is a question of efficiency it is powerful enough to run the template and secondly when deployment comes around it requires less running speed than MZ for the user. Plus why not create for this software.

I hope you enjoy and have a lot of fun making your farming dreams come true!


Buy Now$7.99 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $7.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

JBo Farming Template.zip 380 MB
Farm with Chickens JBo.zip 380 MB

Development log


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Hi, it seems I need to install some Yanfly plugins for this to work. I can understand why they were removed since Yanfly plugins are no longer free to distribute e.t.c however I already have most of them from patreon and before they were removed. 

What Yanfly plugins are needed for this to work in JBO Farming Template and Farming with Chickens JBO?

Is there any order or set up of the plugins?  If so could you provide a list or requirments?

Otherwise this does not work without Yanfly. It gets an error saying Yanfly is not defined. or its missing Yanfly when you try and plant a crop or anything.

If this cannot be fixed can I get a full refund?


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The great thing is I worked tirelessly to make it so it only requires one plugin. 


The above link will take you to the page with a guide and the plugin is Event Morpher.

It would be great if you joined the Discord channel at https://discord.gg/pghR2tQ5

And I am willing to give you any assistance you need with this template and promote your game etc. 

This template took me over 120 hours to make and I really want people to have fun with it. Please join and we can share our progression with the template.

Please join discord and we can chat about any further support you need.

In regards to the template there are a couple of precursors i.e. dont delete any events other than that just set up the plug in in the list per Yanfly requirements.

and input into the plug in the numbers set in the download instructions which is 3,5,7 and 12 into the plugin.


Hi. Can you please provide a video from the gameplay? Do we need to water the crops to grow?


Hi I work full time but I will get a video up asap. Yes the plants must be watered once a day and if you over water them they die.


Sounds great! I would love to see the video if you have some free time. Thank you for a quick reply!


My reply was quick but the video will take sometime. I have a very busy weekend. I work 10 hour days and am often exhausted. I can potentially have a video up on Sunday night. Again thanx for your interest this template project was a labor of love and I hope a homage to harvest moon. I hope that fans of the series can make their own farm stories. 


I definitely love your concept for making this template! Also love Harvest Moon series. No problem, take some time with the video, there is no rush. 


If, you are interested please check out one of my other projects that we updated recently. It is the Prince Arthur game. We would appreciate players and feedback. And I will get the video done asap. Have a good day!


Thanks for your interest. If, you like you can join the discord channel and ask me any question you want...
I am also willing to give on hand support for any project you make with this template upon purchase.