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Japanese Furigana Adventure

Learn Hiragana & Katakana and future updates will have Kanji · By JBo


Recent updates

Furigana Adventure Update
There is now over 70 Kanji and the full hiragana and katakana. Enjoy learning Japanese with this relaxing RPG. Find more games to assist you in learning Japanes...
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Japanese Furigana Adventure -Hiragana & Katakana & 30+ Kanji
What is the game about This game is an early access of a game that teaches kanji using furigana. This game currently teaches you the furigana. That is, it teach...
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Japanese Furigana Adventure -Hiragana & Katakana
This game will teach you the core reading system of Japanese. This game will show you the English Syllable(s) that relate to the Japanese symbol. You can then g...
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