Version 2.0 The First Greek Odyssey Paid

This game now is bug free and ready for purchase. It will teach you a variety of knowledge regarding the Ancient Greeks, Egypt and Israel.

It is suitable for anyone interested in paganism, politics, history, classics and philosophy.

It is also suitable for any RPG enthusiast.

I placed a minimum of $1 on the game as, it was time consuming and everyone wants to make money from their game right?

It's a 5 hour + game so you get your moneys worth.

It can prepare anyone for their highschool exams on the classics and is therefore a useful study aid.

Please support me in my quest to make games...

Eventually I want to make a series of edutainment games this can't happen without your support.

I know a massive amount of people have downloaded the game in its infancy stage and I would hope that some would be interested in paying for the final product.

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