The First Greek Odyssey Beta version 1.2.0

The game is now free of charge and there has been some bug fixes and visual enhancements.

The First Greek Odyssey an adventure in which you play a teenage Zeus. It is your destiny to become the king of the gods.

Can you complete this quest.

This is an educational RPG on Greek mythology, history and philosophy.

Warning Adult theme; sexual identity, slavery, warfare, relationships and gambling.

The adventure encourages stealth learning it is ideal for history and politics students. And passionate gamers alike. You have the option to follow the educational line or battle your way to victory.

The story is the classical myth of how zeus defeated the Titan Kronos and became the king of the gods with the assitance of his kin.

It is made in RPG maker and is a good example of what you can do with the default game.  It is aproximately 3hours long and has side quests that affect the story.


Windows The First Greek Odyssey Beta 200 MB
Mar 27, 2020
Mac The First Greek Odyssey Beta 336 MB
Mar 27, 2020

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