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The First Greek Odyssey an adventure in which you play a teenage Zeus. It is your destiny to become the king of the gods.

Can you complete this quest?

Some of the battles are very difficult and will test your ability to survive in a turn based rpg setting. On the other hand some are not difficult battles.

Ultimately making the decision to learn about the Greeks will make the battles easier...

This is an educational RPG on Greek mythology, history and philosophy.

Warning Adult theme; sexual identity, slavery, warfare, relationships and gambling.

The adventure encourages stealth learning it is ideal for History and Politics students. And passionate gamers alike. You have the option to follow the educational line or battle your way to victory.

What is it about?

The story is the classical myth of how Zeus defeated the Titan Kronos and became the king of the gods with the assitance of his kin.

It is made in RPG maker and is a good example of what you can do with the default game.

It is aproximately a minimum of 3hours and has side quests that affect the story.

Why choose Edutainment?

You will during your adventure learn interesting historical fact about how the Greeks helped form the modern world. Either that or you will hack and slash your way to victory.

By the end of the Game you will be able to name all the first generation Greek Gods.

And will be able to say you have faced the Titan Kronos.

Join the Edutainment discord channel: https://discord.gg/G2DXND

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PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 3.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing, Adventure, Educational
Tags2D, Alternate History, edutainment, history, mythology, Retro, RPG Maker, rpgmakermv


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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Hello. This was the first time that I attempted to run this game, and I am getting an error box at launch as follows:

Profile error occurred

Your profile can not be used because it is from a newer version of NW.js.

Some features may be unavailable. Please specify a different profile directory or use a newer version of NW.js.

Make sure the file is not in the downloads folder and click on the game file inside the folder. If the problem persists please let me know


Hello. Unfortunately, I didn't have it in the downloads folder. I tried it again with the folder "The First Greek Odyssey" sitting on my desktop and running the game from there, only to get the same error. However despite this profile error, I was able to save the game thus it is looking more like a nuisance error.

Yeah I think you are right. I checked the forums help pages and found this

"It means that at some point you or other users of your computer have installed/downloaded and launched a higher version of NWjs than RPG maker MV uses. It's a completely irrelevant message though and nothing bad happens, since for important settings there is a package.json file inside the folder.

I see this message all the time ever since I downloaded NWjs v.0.30, but no actual errors occur."

I hope you enjoy the game its not the easiest game but some players have enjoyed and learnt something new and brushed up on their knowledge of ancient Greece. There are side quests to pay attention too also. if, you so choose.

I got it part of that massive bundle so only got as far as doing a preliminary check to see if it works and I like the game. I liked what I saw enough to let you know about the error.

So long as you were not aspiring to make the next Wizardry 4 in terms of game difficulty, I can deal with however difficult it is even though everything I know about ancient Greece is found in various myths. :)

That is awesome I am glad you bought the bundle it was for a good cause.
Yeah, its not super hard and it is chiefly based on mythology with some established history.
I hope you enjoy!

Is there a quest journal anywhere?   I just defeated the Sky Titan and did the Draco side quest, and now I can't remember my next task in the main quest.

There is a tent in the fort with a crystal orb but if youve defeated the sky titan its likely you need to go to Crete in the outer main village there was a gandalf like character saying you shall not pass you should be able to pass now. It will take you to a secret tunnel.
And well done on doing the side quest that will benefit you near end game when you find Atlantis.
Thanks for playing hope it goes well.
Unfortunately there is no quest journal. Its the first full game I made and I made i using the standard software.
I hope you enjoy!

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Are the NPC sprites for this available?

This game was my first project so I didnt save any sprite sheets. Sorry for the late reply. Hope you are well and doing well in the game. It is not an easy game to complete.

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Hi, I am not sure what the next step is before finding the oracle at the underworld? She says "it is not time yet"

 There is a tent in the walled city with a crystal ball that can help.  The message is part of a paradox plot line, it will become clearer later. Have you defeated the underworld female boss or are you at the Prometheus stage? 
There are 3 occasions when you need to enter the underworld, so I am trying to ascertain where you are in the game 😊

I figured it out sorry. Thank you!

Hi. I'm using a Mac and the save function doesn't work...please help.

Sometimes, when using the mac if it is in the download file it will not save. Simply move the game folder to the desktop or another location and it should save. If, the problem persists please let me know :)

Thank you. It worked! I never would've thought of that!

Awesome game thanks for your submission in our jam we will publish about this game on our Instagram account

Awesome, thanks a lot :) Glad you enjoyed it ... Education games add another challenge to the classic rpg quest, I appreciate you sharing it on Instagram a lot :)

Loved it so far dude! keep up the good work!

I'm a game developer of The Quiz. You won Music category because I refuse Music category to win for my game. I apology to the category winner and I never won 1st place of Music category because there's no music of my game.

Thanks, for letting me know. We all made some great games for the Jam. I follow you Borromeo and enjoy reading your posts.

Have a good day.

Can I ask you please

What would you like to ask Borromeo?

You want to join my game jam for your new game Japanese: https://itch.io/jam/1st-rpg-maker-game-of-the-month-jam

Thanks Borromeo I have joined your game jam. :)

Hello. I have been playing your game during my free time, but now I'm stuck and I can't progress any further into the game. I already recovered the ark and give it to the Israelites. I already talked with Abraham and he is now in town with his wife. I don't know what to do next. I hope you can provide me some direction. Thanks.

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Oh great job on gettting that far. Did you manage to complete the demos kratas side quest for Dracon? As, you can return to atlantis if you did via going to the house with the shop in Athens castle. There is a merlin side quest that gives you some suped up equipment upon your return to the sunken Atlantis. (merlin only available on mac and v2)

The slave quest is available on all versions.

If not don't worry you can continue the main story line by going to the underworld if you remember there is a minion guarding a big door. He is waiting for you to aqquire the scroll which you have now. He will take you to the underworld lake of souls. If you have done the slave sidequests and the draco and merlin side quests the bounty in the lake of souls is indeed bountiful. If not dont worry go there and choose which minion to defeat and rescue the oracle from the lake of souls.

I hope you managed to get as much as possible out of the casino if you havent done the side quests. Additionally, there is a side quest that can boost your exp if you speak to the scribes in the church in a certain order.

Thanks for playing and you should be able to finish it very soon.

Good job oxpuppy635

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Hello, I finally managed to finish the game and I really enjoyed it. I liked your idea overall, good work. It was a good use of all the greek lore and mythology. By the way I am unsure how  to do the demos kratas side quest you are talking about.

Thats great I'm really glad you enjoyed the game. There is a number of side quests in the game although as you completed it, no worries for that.

Just as a side note the side quest i was reffering to is in the room with socrates, the quest is given by Draco after you visit Hera's palace. When you complete that there is a proffessor from atlantis that meets you at athens castle after you do the ark of the covenant quest giving you access to atlantis oncemore.

other side quests include:

-Prometheus and the slave

-The dyslexic bible scribe

-Letter from Egypt

-Slave master

Great job on completing the game I'm glad you enjoyed this piece of Edutainment.

And I'm impressed you completed it how many hours did it take? So i can update the page on estimated completion time.

And did you do some of the side quests such as Prometheus and the slave where you have to extinguish the fire?

Thanks for playing and your the first to complete the game other than me and the play testers. Great Job man!!

Hi. It took me around 5 hours to complete the game. I didn't complete the dilexic bible scribe and the slave master quest, everytime I accepted his quest about some fire in the town, I was unable to leave the house, maybe there is some bug. The game is fine, I think it would help if you display the name of each town or dungeon when the player enters it and be consistent about how the teleport events are triggered, there where some places in which I needed to press the action button  to be teleported. Overall, your game is fine and enjoyable.

Thanks a great deal oxpuppy I have made the ammendments you suggested. Thanks for playing it to completion. It makes me happy to know that you have done so... My next project is to make a visual novel maker language game. However in light of this I might make another rpg game also. If it sells at some point al give you a prize as the first person to complete it. And to be honest im really impressed as its quite difficult content. Have you studied this subject before or are you just an intelligent chap?

This game looks realy nice. Good work with all the characters and buildings.

Thanks gravel bunker. Glad you like it. It was time consuming to build the setting and the educational component i hope it compliments each aspect in turn. Hope you have fun playing and please rate it. :) Debating with myself wether to make another Edutainment game.

Bringing Greek Mythology  to life as a video game is incredibly ambitious which you have handled nicely. There is a lot of information to absorb at times but then again Greek Mythology is a complex subject.  I enjoyed the low encounter rates in the dungeons.  All in all, the time constraints of a game jam, I am impressed you were able to create a 3 hour RPG. 

I see you still have some time left for your game jam so here is a few areas where you can polish the game:

-I can walk on walls on some of the buildings in town

-I would add color to text to the important definitions or words.  IE (Text: My name is \c[1]Jane\c. I am the Goddess of \c[1]Water\c.  )

-I would add some background music

-Not sure if this is by design, however the normal attack does not dish out any damage to enemies.

-Have clear exit points for the interiors (Like Super Mario RPG) 

-Display town names when you walk into a town.

Good job and good luck!

Thanks for the review I wil get straight to it with the alterations

However the normal attack thing is by design until you reach level 30 its all about the magic.
The climbing feature is by design there is a side quest where you have to put out a fire started by a slave endowed with the power of the flame by prometheus.

The background music is optional you can select the piano and organ to play game music. Maybe a starting theme song is appropriate.

I need to display town names. And make clear exit points on it thanks. And I'm not sure how to change the text colour. Although that is a great idea.

I'm just about to upload a version where you get side quests about merlin.  I will do those updates you spoke of. Thank you ever so much this is great feedback.